What about food and drinks?

‍We recommend you bring a cooler of non-alcoholic beverages and your own food if you plan on eating here. We have a drink machine as well. 

We also have at your disposal -

C‍overed staging

I want to bring my kids out but don't want them shot up by older more experienced players

This is actually one of our most important priorities. It is in everyone’s best interest that our new and young players, and their parents, have a very rewarding experience.  Many of our customers are either first timers or have played only a few times before.  Our regulars enjoy helping and working with new players. Our experienced players are separated and play against other experienced players. Our new and younger players play against other new and younger players. 

What should I wear?

‍Lose fitting pants and long sleeve T-shirts that can get dirty. Cleats or tennis shoes. Shorts are also fine but most people will be glad they wore pants.

How old do you need to be?

11 to play by yourself. Younger than that and you can play while being accompanied by an older friend or relative. They can play also as long their primary concern is the younger ones safety.

Does it hurt?

Short answer is yes it stings. Ultimately though it is the perfect consequence. It hurts enough to not want to get shot but not enoughto not play. Since 2003 we've never had someone stop playing because it hurt too much, not even little kids.

Can I come out without a group?

Everyday we're open anyone is welcome to  "Walk on." We'll put you with the rest of the players and balance out the teams.

Does the paint stain?

No, but if left to dry on clothes for a long time it can discolor them, as long as you wash your clothes by the next day you'll be fine.