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Here at Central Florida Paintball we attract a wide diversity of paintball players; the recreational or occasional/first time player to the highley experienced tournament players. While these 2 categories of players both enjoy playing at CFP, they never play against each other. We break up our groups according to experience level and/or whether they are with a private party.

When entering the property the first thing you'll see are our inflatable fields. Because of this many think that is all there is to CFP, but towards the rear of the property is where our 12 acre woods fields are located (which we refer to as "woods-ball") and this is where the majority of our recreational players are interested in playing. We have 6 different woods-ball fields. They vary in layout from natural palmetto woods to our fort field which has a two story fort as the center of the action. Woods-ball is the perfect enviroment for the first time player to begin playing paintball. It affords them to take the game at their own pace, but still enables them to get the adrenaline rush they are looking for.

Fort field -
The Tube field -

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